Designing for Good

2021 Grant Recipients Announced

We’re excited to announce the three recipients of Aquent’s Designing for Good grant competition! Many congratulations to our award recipients and the nonprofits they’ll be supporting. And a huge thank you to our judges and everyone who sent in their incredible ideas. Stay tuned for more on the next competition!

Find out who won

Meet Our Judges

Helen Hye Kim
Helen Hye Kim
Director, Platform Design Research & Strategy, Capital One
Seanita Tolliver
Seanita Tolliver
Product & Design Leader | Advisor
Adam Manovic
Adam Manovic
Head of Entertainment, Events & Creative, National Indigenous Television at SBS Australia
Amil Husain
Amil Husain
Head of Creative at Patreon
Hal Apple
Hal Apple
Change Management for Marketing and Creative Teams
Marianne Dear
Marianne Dear
Creative Lead at Wellcome
Judge Bios

“We need everybody to be coming together and taking a stand. And I think it starts at home.”

With over 35 years of experience in marketing, creative, and design, we know firsthand the impact great creative thinkers and innovative designers can have on businesses and organizations.


Do I have to be affiliated with Aquent to apply?2022-11-03T09:44:40-05:00
Nope! Anyone with creative talent and the inspiration to help make a difference can apply.
What will my video be judged on?2018-11-03T18:57:17-05:00

Your video will be judged on your idea’s impact, creativity, and feasibility. A high-quality video helps too—think high resolution, good lighting, and an uncluttered background. Try not to distract from your message!

Do I need permission from the organization before I apply?2016-12-07T13:23:20-05:00

Yes, you will need permission from the organization or charity first. Providing written approval is not necessary prior to submitting your video, but please be prepared to furnish it quickly if you are selected as a finalist.

Do I have to be a designer or developer to qualify?2018-11-03T18:58:39-05:00

You don’t! We believe great ideas can come from anywhere, but please communicate the details of your idea and who will be executing the work (a designer, developer, copywriter, etc.).

Who receives the grant money?2018-11-03T19:27:24-05:00

The organization will receive the money directly. Grant funds will be used to hire you and/or the person you suggest to execute the design work.

Is grant money given in U.S. Dollars only?2020-03-20T13:44:00-05:00
No.  The grant, valued at $10,000 USD, will be paid in the local currency where the nonprofit grant recipient is located.