Aquent and Vitamin T are empowering people to put their talents to work elevating the nonprofit of their choice. Now accepting submissions for our 2019 competition, where we’ll give five winning creatives a $5,000 Designing for Good grant.



Every year, Designing for Good grant recipients take their innovative ideas and turn them into real lasting change for nonprofit organizations all over the world. Now, it’s your turn. Submissions are open for our 2019 Designing for Good grant program, where we’ll be awarding $5,000 grants to five awesome creatives.

Ready to get started? Watch our video pep talk for tips on creating a winning 90-second video application. And don’t wait—all entries are due by February 22, 2019.

Meet the Judges

Hal Apple
Hal Apple
Change Management for Marketing and Creative Teams
Rick Byrne
Rick Byrne
Creative Lead at Oracle
Marianne Dear
Marianne Dear
Creative Lead at Wellcome
Jason Pamental
Jason Pamental
Designer, Strategist, Tinkerer, Typographer
Judge Bios

“Design can be impactful.
Design can change. Individuals
can make a difference.”
John Chuang, Co-Founder and Chairman of Aquent, LLC

Aquent and Vitamin T

With over 30 years of combined experience in marketing and creative staffing, we know firsthand the impact great creative thinkers and innovative designers can have on businesses and organizations.


Do I have to be affiliated with Aquent or Vitamin T to apply?2017-11-16T15:12:50+00:00
Nope! Anyone with creative talent and the inspiration to help make a difference can apply.
What will my video be judged on?2018-11-03T18:57:17+00:00

Your video will be judged on your idea’s impact, creativity, and feasibility. A high-quality video helps too—think high resolution, good lighting, and an uncluttered background. Try not to distract from your message!

Do I need permission from the organization before I apply?2016-12-07T13:23:20+00:00

Yes, you will need permission from the organization or charity first. Providing written approval is not necessary prior to submitting your video, but please be prepared to furnish it quickly if you are selected as a finalist.

Do I have to be a designer or developer to qualify?2018-11-03T18:58:39+00:00

You don’t! We believe great ideas can come from anywhere, but please communicate the details of your idea and who will be executing the work (a designer, developer, copywriter, etc.).

Who receives the grant money?2018-11-03T19:27:24+00:00

The organization will receive the money directly. Grant funds will be used to hire you and/or the person you suggest to execute the design work.

Is grant money given in US Dollars only?2018-11-07T15:50:37+00:00
No.  The grant, valued at $5,000 USD, will be paid in the local currency where the nonprofit grant recipient is located.
I have a question that isn’t answered here.2017-11-16T15:13:16+00:00

Do you have a question about the design grants program not answered here? Let us know below and we'll get back to you with an answer!