Hal trained as a graphic designer at the University of Cincinnati. While working alongside product designers, superior design solutions arose when he took the time to understand and listen to individual people who engage with the things we design. Hal soon opened his own design and branding office, creating interactive products for children and parents visiting the Getty Museum, and worked alongside a fast-growing start-up company, Skechers, who became a long-term client that retained his office to design nearly everything with a Skechers logo on it. Over time, Hal has been fortunate to lead creative and marketing teams for other rapidly growing international companies including Disney, Amgen, and Herbalife Nutrition. Now more than ever, listening to customers on the deepest level is of utmost importance. Hal now helps organizations improve efficiencies in their workflow and processes. More recently, he collaborates with his wife, a doctor and author who writes about medicine and life meeting God. 100% of her royalties go to local nonprofits.