Meet the Judges

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Marianne Dear

Creative Lead at Wellcome

Marianne Dear is Creative Lead at Wellcome, an independent charitable foundation based in London, United Kingdom. She is a graphic designer with over 18 year’s experience in health, medical research, culture, publishing, finance, automotive and hospitality. At Wellcome scientists and researchers are supported to take on the biggest threats to human health and Marianne’s passion is bringing those extraordinary ideas closer to everyday people. Through the collision of science, art and history Wellcome's work draws connections between the health of our bodies and the health of the communities people live in. Marianne has an interest in inclusive design particularly in the development of museum spaces and exhibitions and advocates for accessibility and function over form. A believer in respecting the craft behind design, she continues to incorporate mark-making into her personal work to stay in touch with the physical in an increasingly digital world.  
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Gerry Scullion

Industrial Designer and founder of Humana Design

Gerry Scullion is the founder of Humana Design, a strategic design consultancy based in Sydney, Australia. He is an industrial designer and has 15 years consulting design experience, that includes experience across a range of industries including, Government, medical, financial, social media, publishing, advertising, and design. He is a Fellow and Convenor of the In 2016, he contributed to the book ‘This is Service Design Doing’ focusing on chapters about effective prototyping, and embedding Service Design teams within organizations. He is also founder and host of human-centered design podcast, Previously Gerry held design leadership positions in, MYOB, Cochlear, Commonwealth Bank of Australia before founding Humana Design in 2015. Gerry specializes in working with organizations to help them resolve complex business problems, helping them create better outcomes for both the business and the user.  
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Jason Pamental

Senior Director of Design & Technical Strategy at Isovera

Jason is a long-time practitioner of web design and development, having first gotten involved with the industry in 1994. Over the years he has led projects ranging from Ivy League and High Tech to the NFL and America’s Cup from both creative and technical roles. His focus on digital strategy has been a natural outgrowth of that synthesis of technology and design. After years of having his love affair with type stymied by the likes of font tags, SIFR, and Cufon, the advent of @font-face and the launch of Typekit gave new life and avenues of exploration. Since 2010 he’s been researching and writing on typography for the web and digital platforms: he’s author of Responsive Typography from O’Reilly, articles for Net Magazine, PRINT Magazine, HOW, Typecast Blog,, and more. He’s also a frequent podcast guest, having appeared on The Web Ahead, Boagworld, Non-Breaking Space, and others. An experienced speaker and workshop leader, he has presented at dozens of national and international conferences on the subjects of web typography, responsive design, and design strategy & process. An avid road cyclist and reformed full-time competitor, he still grapples with the eternal question "if it’s not on Strava, did it really happen?" The real story: mainly he just follows Tristan and Tillie around Turner Reservoir, posting photos on Instagram.
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Carla Silvey

Product Management Director | UX Design Leader

Carla is passionate about doing the hard work to make design feel simple. She is endlessly curious about what makes people tick, and believes that’s the magic behind creating great experiences. She likes to build teams, processes, and culture that deliver on that magic, especially for less-sexy & more complex products (think: insurance). She has been designing digital and personal experiences since the last century. Carla is also an evangelist for women in the workplace, and has had multiple roles supporting women’s leadership. Most recently, she launched a pilot for local women’s career network, creating a space for mid-career women to develop and refine strategies for doing work they love. She likes to be connected to great folks.