Hal Apple

Hal Apple

Change Management for Marketing and Creative Teams

Hal was trained as a graphic designer to solve problems. Later, he learned that clients do not like to be told they have problems. While working alongside product designers, Hal learned that good design solutions arose when he took the time to listen and understand the individual people who engage with the things we design. Hal soon opened his own design office, where his team created interactive products for children and their parents who visited the Getty Museum. A start-up company called Skechers also became a long-term client and retained his office to design nearly everything that had a Skechers logo on it. Over time, Hal has been fortunate to lead creative and marketing teams for other rapidly growing international companies, including Disney, Amgen, and Herbalife Nutrition. Most recently, Hal is helping companies to reinvent how they hire agencies, staff their internal departments, or engage with outsourcing partnerships.   
Rick Byrne

Rick Byrne

Senior Creative

Over the years Rick has lived in San Francisco, London, and Dublin and worked for companies such as the BBC, CBS Interactive, Unity, Oracle, and Udemy. A key thread throughout Rick's roles is envisioning various existing and emerging technologies within a brand's visual language.  Outside of work, Rick's passion is to create logos, usually for non-profits or unfunded start-ups. He chose logos in particular as they boil down the enormity of a product, concept or institution into its most quintessential form. He has appeared in the latest Logo Lounge book (no. 11). To see his logo portfolio click here: https://www.behance.net/rickbyrne. Never one to sit still, Rick is also an accomplished illustrator for tech companies, something he describes as returning to his painterly roots. As a board member of San Francisco's AIGA chapter, Rick has produced over 75 events focusing on the nature of creative careers, which he also writes about in his blog.
Marianne D

Marianne Dear

Creative Lead at Wellcome

Marianne Dear is Creative Lead at Wellcome, an independent charitable foundation based in London, United Kingdom. She is a graphic designer with over 18 years' experience in health, culture, publishing, automotive, and hospitality. At Wellcome, scientists and researchers are supported to take on the biggest threats to human health and Marianne’s passion is bringing those extraordinary ideas closer to everyday people. Marianne has an interest in inclusive design, particularly in the development of museum spaces and exhibitions and advocates for accessibility and function over form. A believer in respecting the craft behind design, she continues to incorporate mark-making into her personal work to stay in touch with the physical in an increasingly digital world.   
Instagram: MissGingernut
Jason P

Jason Pamental

Designer, Strategist, Tinkerer, Typographer

Design strategist, UX leader, technologist, and profound typography nerd. More specifically, typography on digital platforms like the web and native applications. Jason spends a good deal of time writing, speaking, and working with teams and brand owners about how to set type better on digital platforms, and do so in more modern and performant ways than many realize is possible. Invited Expert to the W3C Web Fonts Working Group. Jason has spoken with teams from organizations like Adobe, Condé Nast, GoDaddy, IBM—and given presentations and workshops at web and design conferences all over the world.  
Twitter: jpamental