Meet Last Year’s Winners!

Ellen W.

Ellen helped Sanctuary Palm Springs, an LGBTQ+ housing program for 18- to 21-year-olds who are transitioning out of foster care. She worked with the residents to create a marketing plan and materials to attract the vendors, suppliers, volunteers, and donors needed to help open their second location.

Amanda R.

Amanda put her design skills to use for the Hill Learning Center, dedicated to helping the 20% of students who have learning differences. Leveraging the power of media design with technology know-how, she helped turn a hands-on, in-person teacher workshop training into a high-quality, innovative online learning experience, enabling a greater number of participants to attend.

Chris L.

Chris utilized his skills to help the Louisiana Film Prize and their Film Prize Jr. competition for high school students. Working with the nonprofit, he helped create three virtual workshops to enable them to reach a far greater audience than their in-person ones.