Application Overview:

We’re now accepting submissions for Aquent and Vitamin T’s Designing for Good grant program. It’s easy to apply. Simply send us a 90-second video that answers the  following questions:

1. What cause or nonprofit are you passionate about and why?
2. What’s your idea for helping the organization make real, lasting change?
3. How would you use your creative, design, and/or marketing skills to bring the idea to life?

Submission Tips:

  • Any video camera works, even your smartphone. Just use a tripod or prop your phone up against something sturdy to keep it from shaking.
  • A good-quality video helps you get your message across. It doesn’t have to be Oscar worthy, but choose a location with good lighting, get the clutter out of the background, and perhaps boot that snoring dog out of the room.
  • Speak slowly and clearly. Channel your inner news anchor.
  • Pronounce Aquent correctly. (Hint: it’s a long ‘A’, like “aim” or how our Canadian friends would say ‘eh?’ A-kwent. Got it?)